A is for…..

Afternoon Of A Moax (Shake, Rattle ‘n’ Roll)  Charlie Barnet 3.25 130bpm Big Band Box: Swing And Sweat (Disc 1/2)

I think this is a bit of a staple in some scenes – it seems very familiar from camps but its not one I have been playing….until now!

All That Meat and No Potatoes 2.45 120bpm   Lennie Baldwin’s Dauphin Street Six: Golden Years of Revival Jazz Vol. 3 (track 14)

I found this way back when my only mechanism for getting new tracks was to search itunes for every alternative version of a popular track I already had – e.g the fats waller version (this was a time before I knew Andy Lewis). I used to play this track but stopped about a year ago. I’m not saying this version is better than the fats version, but it makes a nice change once in a while especially for a lazy afternoon dance.

All Of Me 3:57 170bpm  Louis Armstrong: I Like Jazz: The Essence of Louis Armstrong

An old classic  – I LOVE Louis Armstrong so much!! Yet I don’t play this…. I think probably the live recording puts me off but I love this version.

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4 Responses to A is for…..

  1. djustd says:

    I’d enjoy dancing to any of these.
    Hurruh for Louis!

  2. vickycasey says:

    You’ve got to love Louis 🙂

  3. tessasmith says:

    “All that Meat..” makes me giggle. The first time I heard it was at LFs, and I think I’m going to have to add it to my repertoire now! x

  4. Ciaran says:

    This is a great idea Vix. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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