Why am I doing this?


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5 Responses to Why am I doing this?

  1. Carla says:

    I absolutely LOVE that we’re endorsing and promoting the shimmy. My fail-safe move whatever the weather! Shake that shimmy baby! Also, well done Vix for starting something so bloomin’ fantastic. I for one will be checking in regularly 🙂 Kisses to Isla, Jo and you xxx

  2. Jules Morley says:

    This is great Vix! I look forward to the tracks you reccommend as believe it or not – YOU are my favourite lindy DJ! I always love the variety of tracks you play – the old favourites and guaranteed floor fillers, mixed in with something that’s totally different – e.g. the Outkast track!

    • vickycasey says:

      Oh wow – thank you! I really hope to be able to keep the DJ’ing going- Isla is small enough just now that it seems possible to bring her along – FSOS was a good test….. I hope I can find some interesting stuff for you 🙂 I always love watching you guys get up for Outkast and Lucas! Vx

  3. Ella says:

    “There is NEVER a bad time to shimmy – it will make you feel better and make your leader smile. ”

    So true! hehehe. Always good for covering up mistakes on either part – suddenly they are forgotten!

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