A is NOT for……


So I didn’t intend to add a post called “A is NOT for” but as I trawled through my A’s I came across “All I want for Christmas” by Mariah Carey and I thought it was worth a mention as part of my nostalgic reflection on Lindy Fridays turning 5.

Not many people realise that Lindy at the Light started BEFORE Lindy Fridays. In fact it was surviving the first LATL that spurred us on to start Lindy Fridays. For the first LATL therefore, there was no LF beginners routine and there were no routines from other cities (Hull scene did not exist, Balboa North did not exist). There was just a group of 1o fresh faced naive lindy hoppers from leeds who had from 2 months -4 years experience. We ran the same routine every 20mins. We invited dancers from Swing Jive and Lindy hop Sheffield to plug the gaps  and social dance, there were maybe 25 dancers in total. The choreographed routine we performed EVERY 20mins was to……… you guessed it,  “All I want for Christmas”.

If I EVER hear that track again it will be too soon 😉 But I have a certain fondness for it as a memory of where the Lindy Friday’s scene came from. (Note: this is the less cool version of where we came from  – the cool version being Thomas  and Max hip hop routine inspired us to start lindy hop in Leeds City Centre)

So here it is: You will see Jo Casey with black hair, his girlfriend, the future Vicky Casey and the fab Al Jones. The rest, well they are no longer lindy hopping in Leeds but they remain our very good friends  😉

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