A is also for……

All the Jive Is Gone 2:38 198bpm Andy Kirk & His Twelve Clouds Of Joy        The Ultimate 30’s & 40’s Reefer Songs. The track I play most from this album is “I’m gonna get high” which was used in a GNSH class I took with Todd and Naomi. We did a variation on a charleston swing out with “heels” on the 1 &2. After looking at this album again I thought…..I wonder what “jive” is slang for in the song “All the Jive is Gone”…… and it lead me to this – Cab Calloway’s Hepster’s Dictionary which explains a lot!

A is also for a whole lot of apples:

Apple Blossoms 3:32  107 bpm  Eddie Lang & Joe Venuti 1920’s & 1930’s Sides (Vol. 2) Not one for your big set evening session but nice for a chilled out lazy Sunday afternoon.

The Apple Jump 3:01 172bpm Count Basie 1939 volume 2 (This link takes you to a massive archive collection of FREE downloads of authentic jazz that is now out of copyright/royalty free…. that’s what they say and I do actually believe them. However, if you are about to pillage a whole load of tracks, why not ease your conscience by making a donation to the jazz foundation of America – donate button top right  – it’ll make you feel warm in your heart 🙂

Apples Be Ripe 3:29  160bpm  Red Hot Rhythmakers Rhythm of the Day. Sorry but i think you can only buy this track direct from the band on the CD. Its a good album though.

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One Response to A is also for……

  1. djustd says:

    “Everything will seem so funny. Darkest days will seem so sunny.
    That feeling will arrive.
    when you smoke that killin’ jive.” – Killing Jive by Cats And The Fiddle.

    I THINK I can pick up on the hidden meaning. 😉

    Jazz-on-line.com is great, but I try to make it a point to only go there to download specific songs that I’m looking for, rather than just systematically grabbing the lot (so, so tempting).
    ‘I’m gonna get high’ is a great track. I’ve just added that compilation to my amazon wishlist. 🙂

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