B is for……

B is for….bad Vix, not sticking to her programme of regular blog posts!!! I have been listening to the B’s but keep getting distracted …. after an extended break I’m back to say:

B is for…..The blues! Now I’m no Blues DJ but I hope those who know this dance and genre better enjoy these…..

Back’O Town Blues, 78bpm Louis Armstrong (quelle surprise!) you tube link

And this:

basella, 150bpm Ella Fitzgerald, Bluella: Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Blues (Not strictly blues but a real lazy feel for 150bpm! And at 10 mins long I guess its not surprising I haven’t played it…but it’s awesome. I got it from Andy Lewis and he was right in saying it’s a real late night track. For that sweet spot in the evening when everyone has given up on honing technique and impressing with fancy moves, a real sloogi number where you can just play:-)

B is also for this, not blues but classic Basie: Basie Boogie, 187bpm Count Basie The Lang-Worth Transcriptions wicked track – why haven’t I played this?!?!

And this, a great little well known bal number: Ballin’ the Jack 195bpm, Sidney Bechet The Fabulous Sidney Bechet

And Isla’s favourite: The Bare Necessities, 168bpm Louis Armstrong Walt Disney Records Archive Collection, Vol. 1 (It’s Louis, therefore, it is awesome πŸ™‚


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2 Responses to B is for……

  1. djustd says:

    Oh, The Bare Necessities! That brings back memories! (Well, not so much memories as a broad, sweeping nostalgia… πŸ˜‰ ) I’m going to have to invest it in that, and would love to have a dance to it, too.

    All good stuff again, Vix

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