A Special Quest…. “I” is for… I like pie I like cake!

I have called myself to action! And set myself a SPECIAL QUEST! Ooh how exciting…… I am on a mission to find some great alternative versions of the classic four clef’s track “I Like Pie I Like Cake“. Now don’t get me wrong….. I love the original…. it’s great…. but you know what else it is….. it’s overplayed…. and when a particular version is overplayed it can become less inviting for dancers to experiment with musically.*


It’s not common for there to be such a popular track with so few “go to” recordings….. there is the very well known original…..the widely played gordon webster version which, for personal reasons, I no longer wish to play…. which leaves???? A Quest! A truly excellent and exciting QUEST! Come…. join me….. it’s going to be great….. and you know what…. if it’s not that great… then be a hero and come JOIN ME! Lets uncover EVERY awesome version we can find and spread the love of variety throughout the (somewhat niche) FANTASTIC lindyhop DJ World! OOooh and if you are a musician in a swinging band….. or you know a musician in a swinging band….. or your Uncle’s cat steals milk from their neighbour who plays chess with someone in a swinging band….. ask them to record a great new version for us…… You heard me… this quest could involve cats……

So, as a starter for 10, the first one I have found is:

I Like Pie I like Cake Jeter – Pillars “Club Plantation” Orch

12 Jul 2013

(which….side note……other tracks on the album feature the awesome BLANCHE Calloway and her band………. haven’t heard of Blanche? I feel another post coming on…..#whywestillneedfeminism)


and next there is:


I like Pie I like Cake – Krakow Street Band which is available to download… but they ask you very nicely to be kind, and pay what you feel via BAC’s


and next there is:

24 Apr 2016 (with thanks to Cees)
and next???
Stay Tuned for more…… please help me out…. share any others with me to help increase this list…..especially if you have a local band who would like to have their version shared globally with the lindyhop community. It would be a joy to have more versions of this track on our dance floors!



As hoped, here are some other options, with thanks to Paul:

I Like Pie, I Like Cake, But I Like You Best of All 02:32 from George Swellington’s Dance Favourites, released February 10, 2015 available to buy via bandcamp or on spotify

and thanks to Paul and Andy:

I like Pie, I Like Cake, but I Like You the Best of All, The Goofus Five, From the Album The Goofus Five linked via amazon and also available on spotify



I Like Pie I Like Cake

* Although IMO newish or improver dancers are more musical to overplayed tracks…..there is a comfort that comes with familiarity and this aids the first step towards letting go, dropping inhibitions and being more playful and “musical”  – well that’s how I felt.
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2 Responses to A Special Quest…. “I” is for… I like pie I like cake!

  1. Paul says:

    There are quite a few on Spotify to trace, try the version by The Splendid Six? or the Goofus Five 1924-1925?

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